Effective Weight Loss Tips During Your Post-Pregnancy Stage

Giving birth is a woman’s most challenging part of their lives. The blessing you get is worth it at the end, but the aftermath is a disaster. When a woman gets pregnant, her body automatically stores fat to provide the baby inside with nutrients. As a result, once you’re done letting that baby out after carrying it for 9 months, a lot of fat are left which keeps your body out of shape.

However, there’s no need to pressure yourself during your post-pregnancy period. Doing so may lead to unexpected problems including fibromyalgia and postpartum issues. Some weight loss tips should be taken slowly but surely. But don’t lose hope, even if you can’t still do your regular exercise for a while, you can still burn fat by just taking care of your newborn gift.

Weight gain during pregnancy is perfectly normal. Don’t listen to those celebrity moms and their post-pregnancy weight loss tips, they’re probably doing it just for money. There’s an easier way without dragging yourself to difficult workout programs and extreme diet plans.

Diet Tips After Pregnancy

  • Stay away from restrictive dieting during this stage. You need a nutritious and healthy diet for your body in order to provide your baby the milk it needs.
  • Go for selective dieting instead.
  • Consume foods that are rich in protein, minerals, and vitamins. The best way to get those nutrients is to include fruits and veggies in your every day meals.
  • Limit yourself on consuming processed food items like canned meat or fish.

Plan Your Weekly Menu

  • Planning your diet ahead of time will help you to stick to it better than planning on the day you start. Plan from breakfast, lunch, dinner, and also include the snacks. Planning in advance can help you determine which food to eat and choose healthy options that goes with it.

Breastfeed Your Little One

  • You can burn up to 500 calories just by breast feeding alone. This is the exact number of calories a woman needs to produce 850ml of milk per day. Not only it helps you lose weight, breast feeding is healthy for both you and your baby. Don’t forget to consume the right amount of food to get the exact nutrients your body needs.

Take It Slow with a Simple Exercise Routine

  • Don’t pressure yourself by jumping into extreme exercises after pregnancy. It’s advisable to start slowly but surely so that your body can adjust to your current situation. Do simple low-impact activities like walking around the neighborhood or jogging at a slow pace.

Eat Yogurt for Dessert

  • Instead of randomly grabbing unhealthy desserts whenever you feel low or tired, try eating yogurt instead. Prepare batches of yogurt mixed with chopped fruits and nuts and put them in the freezer. You can also add food essence like vanilla to give it a more sweeter taste. The next time you crave for something sweet, Yogurt is the best and healthiest option to go with.

Drink Plenty of Water

  • During this stage, water is your only best friend when it comes to beverages. Drinking water can help your body flush out those unwanted body fluids and can also boost your metabolism at the same time. This is due to the viscosity of the blood was decreased because of water, which speeds up metabolic reaction and as a result, burns down fat. Limit yourself from caloric beverages and drinks, you can have them again once you’re perfectly healed.

Consume Healthy Foods and Stay Away from Junks

  • At this stage, it’s better to stay away from fast foods and any other foods that’s full of high calories for a while. In fact, 25% of your calorie intake should came from fat. You can eat healthy foods instead like fruits, vegetables, skimmed milk, whole grains, low fat cheese, and lean meats. If you’re a woman that likes to snack, eat healthy snacks like raisins, whole grain crackers or nuts, and off course Yogurt that we have mentioned earlier.

Post-Pregnancy Tips for Working Moms

  • Don’t feel ashamed just because you gained weight during pregnancy.
  • If you feel tired and weary, always remember that it’s not because you are overweight, it’s because of your sleepless nights of feeding the baby or the endless diaper changes.
  • If you’re a working mom and want to lose weight fast after pregnancy, consult a health professional to give you tips and advices.
  • Don’t plan your own post-pregnancy workout program without the help of an expert. Doing so may damage your overall health.

Rules to Keep in Mind

  • Stay stress-free. A hot bath or yoga should do the trick.
  • Maintain your weight at acceptable levels. Keep your BMI between 20-25.
  • Preserve your blood sugar levels with low glycaemic foods. Avoid eating refined and sugary carbohydrates.
  • Help your digestion system to digest easily by eating fiber-rich foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and beans.
  • Get lots of folic acid by eating green and leafy vegetables, beans, and pulses.
  • Keep your immune system stable by providing it with probiotics found on onions, garlic, and rye.
  • Eat healthy fats that are found in nuts and oily fish to prevent any kinds of inflammation.

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