9 Healthy Ingredients That You Can Add to Your Meals

After a tiresome day from work, school, errands, and busy activities, cooking a healthy meal can be a chore especially by just thinking about it. But before grabbing your wallet and losing hope by ordering dinner outside, don’t forget to check out your fridge or pantry where you might find some ingredients to make deliciously healthy foods.

  1. Brown Rice

  • Brown rice can help you lower your cholesterol, make you fuller for longer compared to white rice, and can prevent the formation of blood clots. Brown rice takes a long time to cook, so it’s advisable to cook a bunch of brown rice on a Sunday night for you to eat for a whole week. You can use brown rice as an alternative to your usual white rice. You can eat it for breakfast, or for lunches you take to school or work, and dinner once you get home.
  1. Beans

  • Beans contains a lot of protein and is also rich in fiber. Not just that, it can alsox improve heart health, reduce the risk of cancer, and are great antioxidants. Always leave a stock of beans in your pantry that you can cook or quickly heat up and mix with spices for a quick meal.
  1. Oats

  • Time to say goodbye to your boring breakfast when a bowl of oats made its way to your table. Oats are loaded with fiber and protein that can keep you fueled all morning. Say no to sugary cereals and protein bars and start eating oats and enjoy its health benefits today.
  1. Canned Tuna

  • Canned tuna can be used whatever meals or snacks that’s in your mind. You can add them to your ready-to-eat protein salads, casseroles, and sandwiches. It’s super affordable and packed with vitamins and healthy fats. Before picking one up from the grocery, make sure to look for tuna that’s canned in water, not oil.
  1. Frozen Shrimp

  • No need to buy expensive, fresh-catch fish if you want to prepare fancy seafood meals. A pack of frozen shrimp should do the trick, and you can create a variety of dishes that can be made in minutes without emptying your wallet.
  1. Pesto

  • Making pesto sauce only takes 10 minutes. Pesto is made from olive oil, basil, garlic, and Parmesan cheese which offers a lot of health benefits. Pesto also contains healthy fats and can help you lower your cholesterol, and can decrease inflammation in your body if you have some.
  1. Sweet Potatoes

  • This versatile vegetable is full of vitamin A and is rich in fiber. Sweet potatoes brings natural sweetness to a variety of dishes. You can cook them in batches, microwave them if you’re in a hurry, eat them plain, turn them into mash, fries, or even bake them into pies.
  1. Squash

  • You may not believe it, but squash can be used as a healthy substitute for noodles, tortillas, and other grain-based dishes. Squash also has a lot of health benefits such as boosting your immunity, mange your diabetes, can prevent infections, protects your heart health, and more.
  1. Eggs

And the last but not the least, the eggs. Eggs are filled with protein and nutrients that can give you a lot of health benefits especially when it comes to losing weight. Eggs can also be a part of any meal, add hard-boiled eggs to your salad, or add them to your savory vegetable fritatas, or use them to craft your favorite meat and cheese

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