5 Running Must Haves of 2020 for Beginners who need Gear & More!

If you are avid runner and you like to go long distances, then you know that having the proper gear is essential.

From water to keeping time and being able to communicate (cell phone), running while trying to carry things is challenging if they are heavy and no properly secured.

The last thing you want to do is go running while holding your water bottle in one hand and your cell phone in the other!

There are many different devices and portable mechanisms but if you can have a carry-all-in-one, wouldn’t that be amazing?!

StyleWithinReach recommends these Running Belts (or Pouches) to Hold your Water, Phone and keys!

Here are the Best Running Must Haves of 2020 for Beginners who need Gear and More:

Sport2People Running Belt

Via Amazon

This running belt by Sport2People is our top choice because of its ultra sleek design, comfortable fit, and lightweight design.

A larger front pocket is design to carry your cell phone and perhaps a small snack or energy/protein bar.

The pocket even has an opening for your headphones so you can safely zip your phone up but still have the ability to listen to music while you run or answer a call should one come in.

There is a smaller side pocket that is perfect for credit cards, cash or other small items you need to bring along.

The only thing this is missing is a spot to carry your water, so if you are a long distance runner, the next option might be a better one.

URPOWER Running Belt

Via Amazon

The URPOWER Running Belt has the long distance runner in mind.

Designed with two large water bottle holders and a big pouch for your cell phone and other necessities, this belt has all you need to carry your essentials.

It is also waterproof and is made to fit snuggly so that won’t ride up while you are running.

Best of all, it comes with the manufacturers lifetime warranty!

Fitbit Watch

Via Macys

A Fitbit is more than just a watch.

It can track your calories, distance, food intake, heart rate, goals, and can even play your favorite tunes as well as synch to your smart phone.

If you want to track your progress and see your growth as a runner, than investing in one of these is the way to go.

Yes, you can always get an Apple Watch but the Fitbit is much cheaper and can do everything an Apple Watch can do in regards to fitness.

Other than the items above, the last two things every runner needs are a good pair of running shoes and some running attire.

When buying running shoes make sure to look for ones that provide the right type of support for your foot arches.

In regards to clothing, look for pieces that are breathable and form fitting while providing the right support.

For a great selection of running shoes and clothing, checkout our favorites at Nike!

If running in colder conditions, you can get thermal wear or waterproof gear.

Now all that you need is to get your gear on and go!

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