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5 Ways To Live On A Healthy Diet

Eating healthy is very much mandatory in a busy world as this. People do not find time to fill their tummies with something fulfilling and healthy. We compromise a lot on our health to meet the other priorities of our life. But little do we understand that health is our biggest wealth, and it is there we must have our entire focus on. So taking your wellbeing into concern, here we are listing some of the healthy ways in which you can eat. Remember the best part about going healthy is that it is cheap! Cool, isn’t it? Stick around to know more.

Don’t let your tummy growl and never shop when it does:

This is the first tip that you have to remember in order to eat healthily and stay away from junkies. One of the worst things about buying food when you are hungry is that you buy more than you can actually eat. The best way to prevent this is to snack on something that is healthy at even intervals. This way you will never go hungry, and on the other hand, you will never feast on junkies.

Forget the tongue. Focus on the body:

Obesity has become one of the major global issues. Obesity is not just a sign of sickness but also a symbol of lack of self-control and health consciousness. It is, in fact, one of the issues that the WHO is fighting against. The major reason for obesity is that we eat for our tongue and no for our tummy. There is always a difference between butter chicken and broccoli, but when health matters broccoli tasted better.

Feast on a lot of fruits and veggies:

The best part of feasting on a lot of fruits and vegetables is that you can eat them as much as you want and you will absolutely be fine. There are two advantages, you can eat what you like, and they will not harm you unless you have a specific medical condition that states otherwise. On the top of it, they quench your hunger at the earliest, and you will never want more of food.

There are substitutes for sugar:

Sugar and sweetened drinks are very much harmful to health, and the glycemic index of these dishes are pretty much high that they harm you intensely. Also, it is important for you to note that there are always healthy substitutes for unhealthy food items as in sugar. Avoid sugar and saccharine. Instead, go for honey or palm jaggery.

Learn to cook:

Do you know why girls turn different when they become mothers? Because that is when they begin to cook for the family. So, develop the habit of cooking for yourself and this way you will learn to take better care of yourself. Also, if you are away from home, you will be able to prevent yourself from eating junk and unhealthy dishes.

Top 5 Music Albums for A Perfect Dinner Party

Music can always make our day better. This fact is not an exception for parties. The best part of every part is the music and dance that is a part of it. Music also has the ability to express the nature of the party or the event that is hosted. Just like you throw a lot of decorations around, music is also an ornament to every event that is why we always make sure that music sets in even before people can. So if you are hosting and troubled as to what music you have to choose, here are some of the music albums that make any evening a memorable and a happy one. So with no further delay, let us get to the list.

You’ve been spiked:

All most all the musical creations of Chris Joss range from pop to electric music. That is the major reason as to why people when one of his songs are played at parties. He is always the first person to appear if it is a party. You’ve been spiked is a favourite number that many people play at dinner parties and fun events that goes so well with your drink.

Feels Like Home:

Feels like home is one of the best work of Norah Jones and it was also recognised at the Grammys for becoming a quick hit unexpectedly. It is one of the breakthrough creations of the Norah Jones. Again this is one of the best songs to play as you begin the party. For that matter, any song that goes along with this album is one matchless song for a late night party that would draw everybody in.

Kinda Blue:

Miles Davis’ masterpiece and one of the greatest jazz works, if not this song then nothing else can be played at the party. It is one song that would revive the energy that you have already lost. There are a large variety of Hollywood hits that people love, but when there is a specific genre for party songs, almost all of them will lose to Davis, because Kinda Blue is such a creation.

Tanto Tempo:

Apart from the fact that Bebel Gilberto would have gone unknown without this creation, it has also been listed as one of the 1001 songs that you listen to before you die. That is why we are you asking you to listen to it when you are in a party. Find with tempo, just like the name suggests, it rekindles the spirit and puts the energy back.

Finally Woken:

This way too much success for Jem, because she gets played in every night party and this is her debut album. It is quite a surprise for all of us who knew Jem as we didn’t know that she scored so well in her very first album. It was released in the year 2004 and it one of her greatest works even today.

Special Event – The Maytones Live at Fare Blend

Fare Blend is thrilled to be hosting the Maytones in the near future (stay tuned for dates). Join us and experience Reggae Legends while enjoying Ottawa’s best cuisine in our sumptuous new dining room.

A truly unique opportunity for Reggae and all Music Lovers, the Maytones have led the charts for decades with songs like ”God Bless The Day I Found You”, “Boat to Zion”, “Madness” and the list goes on.


About the Maytones

Born and raised in May Pen, a town in the parish of Clarendon, Jamaica, Vernon Buckley and harmony singer Gladstone Grant started their reign as one of reggae’s top performers in the late 60′s. While many duos from Jamaica rose to the top during the early days of the reggae era, the Maytones stayed on top!

Fortunately for Canadian Reggae Fans, in 1980 Vernon Buckley moved to Montreal. Today, Vernon has his own production studio, and has reunited with Gladstone Grant. This Maytones reunion for such an intimate audience is truly a remarkable experience for Lovers of Reggae from Canada and beyond.

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